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Wines from the first vines

Established in 2003, Tehachapi Wine and Cattle Company became the first vineyard and tasting room to serve the Tehachapi Mountain region and has become a pioneer among local vineyards— trailblazing a path for fine wines grown in a land with four seasons and a high appellation.

Tucked in the mountains and on country roads, this Primitivo vineyard has a down home atmosphere with a large selection of estate and sourced wines for all vino lovers— novices and connoisseurs alike— making Tehachapi Wine and Cattle Company a true wine destination gem.

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Meet the team

Kim Amparan

Tasting Room Manager/ Server

Fun fact: Kim has been a Dodger fan since 1978

Favorite wine: TWCC Chardonnay

Corrie Kingsley

Wine Club/ Social Media Manager/ Server

Fun fact: Corrie is a “Diamond Head” aka a HUGE Neil Diamond fan 

Favorite wine: TWCC Pinot Gris

Catarina (Cat) Lozano


Fun fact: Cat grew up going to church and loved watching The Sound of Music- so much so that she wanted to become a nun!

Favorite wine: 2017 Primitivo

Lori Szuh


Fun fact: Lori loves her lil’ red Jeep and the tv show Yellowstone. The Jeep because it’s country, strong and cute, Yellowstone because Rip’s country, strong and cute! 

Favorite wine: 2017 Primitivo

Alicen Catron Schneider


Fun fact: Alicen is a devoted Radiohead fan and is an avid cake baker

Favorite wine: 2018 Primitivo

Rhonda Creten


Fun fact: If you can’t find Rhonda, she’s probably visiting her happy place- the big island of Hawaii 

Favorite wine: TWCC Syrah

Olivia Parkinson


Fun fact: Olivia has seen every single Francis Ford Coppola movie ever made 

Favorite wine: 2018 Primitivo

Kaitlin Wilson


Fun fact: Kaitlyn is an avid hat collector and a big fan of Fleetwood Mac

Favorite wine: Beth’s Blend

Cambria Lambert

Cook/ Kitchen

Fun fact: When she was a little girl, Cambria wanted to be a voice actor for animated movies. Nowadays she aspires to be an author

Ryan Szuh

Cook/ Kitchen

Fun fact: Ryan is a bigtime San Diego Chargers fan



Fun fact: Halle’s name comes from a shortened version of “Halloween” and she was born to be a winery dog. She adopted Mike & Beth when they bought TWCC.

Favorite drink: TWCC Well water

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Meet the owners

Owners Mike Van Atta and Beth Hamilton have turned this rustic and rural country haven into a local favorite with a loyal following and continue to produce award-winning wines.

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Did you know?

The estate is planted with the Primitivo wine grape which has known origins beginning in Croatia and subsequently became a popular vine in the 1700’s when it was brought across the Adriatic Sea to the southern coast of Italy. There it flourished and became a staple wine, especially in the Puglia region. In the early 19th Century, Primitivo was introduced to the United States, under the name Zinfandel. Our estate is an exclusively Primitivo vineyard. They are called Primitivo and not Zinfandel because they are actual Old World vines from Italy. To learn more about the history of our beloved Primitivo grapes visit: www.masterclass.com/articles/learn-about-primitivo-wine-grape-history-characteristics-and-parings

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